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Welcome to our Site!

Hi everyone, and welcome to our new website! We are super happy to have this up and running, and hope you all enjoy it. :)

I have been wanting to get a site operational for a while (we had one when we first opened the store 3 years ago, but didn't feel it met our needs at the time, so shut it down). Now though, we definitely see the need for a site for several reasons - the main one being to better serve our AWESOME customers!

We will add new stock items as they are available, and you can shop online with us. The store is still open too, but we have so many wannabe customers who live away, that online shopping makes sense. That's exciting for us, and we hope it is for you as well. If you are local or going to be in the area, you can certainly pick your order up and save the shipping costs. Or, select Canada Post or FedEx shipping, and we will get the order out to you ASAP! Shipping costs with Canada Post (only) are free if your order is $150+.

Enjoy the site! Email us with any questions you have. Thanks for being patient with us as we pulled this together, and for being such loyal customers over the last 3 years.

Stop in and visit us when you can (10am-5pm Tuesday through Saturday).

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