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Uncertain times

These are some scary days, friends.

Our world has become SO social, so to now be distancing ourselves from others and refraining from conducting life as we knew it, is scary and difficult.

It can be disappointing to hear that events are being cancelled, that stores and services are closing. Yes, it throws us off. But just think for a moment about how 'thrown off' we would be, if Canada were to become like Italy, for example. Reading about what other countries are going through in this time of COVID-19 should be more than enough to keep us motivated to follow the new distancing guidelines.

It has been suggested that, instead of terming this new guideline as "social distancing", it be called "physical distancing". Maintaining social connections is vital, but needs to be done in a different way.

In an article about this subject, found on CNN's site, it notes that there is a hidden danger in them-there-distancing-hills. As people retreat into their homes, we can lose sight of our essential connections to one another, and forget about those most vulnerable to the loss of social bonds. Social disconnection is not being recommended, simply a distancing physically. Social distancing can come at a cost to our mental health.

Some ways to stay socially connected (not physically, but socially), include things like video chatting, telephone calls, virtual happy hours or dance parties, to name a few. Technology can be a useful tool to keep your spirits up! A call to the elderly neighbour is a great idea, if you are able. Maybe he/she needs something picked up at the grocery store, or just to hear another person's voice.

What better time to start a new hobby, or get back into one you used to love and lost the time for? Yoga, running, walks, meditation, journaling, reading, for example. Have you been wanting to reorganize that room for a while? Now is the time!

Find new ways to build meaningful community and connection. We are all in this together!

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