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Top Ten Hits!

I bet you think I'm going to talk about MUSIC hits - and that's a reasonable expectation, since the phrase "Top Ten" is usually hitched to a list of hot songs of the day.

But not this list! These are the Top Ten Sellers in our store. Some of them might surprise you but if you are a frequent shopper, you probably won't be surprised about (most of?) these. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Whale Mugs

We love these little mugs, and so do you! It's often that we have a list of people waiting for the next shipment to "swim" in. Available in three colors, and dishwasher safe, a lot of you buy a "pod" for your own collection, to use for coffee or plants. A "whale of a time" is had when deliveries with these sweet mugs arrive. Dishwasher safe. $12.99. See them in the "Kitchen" section of our online shop.

2. Jewel & Bead Glasses

Available in three sizes (goblet, highball, tumbler), and dishwasher safe, the turquoise color of these glasses is eye-catching! Most often "tapped" to confirm they are glass and not plastic, these beauties have been best sellers since we started stocking them. Priced at $10-$14, you can find these in the "Kitchen" section of our online shop.

3. "This is Our Happy Place" sign

Where is your happy place? This cast iron sign could be the perfect addition to that space! Often recognized as a sign made popular by a Canadian social icon, these sell fast. Measures 5-1/2" x 3-1/4". $12. See them in the "Signs" section of our online shop.

4. Floursack Dishtowels

Make drying dishes fun with these floursack-style dishtowels! Sold in sets of three with lovely colors (and matching dishcloths available, too), try these and love how absorbent they are! Measuring 20" x 30", these are 100% cotton and machine washable/dryable. $12.99/set of 3. These are in the "Kitchen" section of our online shop.

5. Table runners

Dress up your table with a runner! A variety of styles and colors are available. The one shown is black ticking, $29, 100% cotton. Check out the "Textiles" section of our online shop for more choices.

6. Foxhound Collection candles

Made with soy wax and available in a variety of yummy scents, you will be sure to find a few Foxhound Collection candles you can't live without. (My current obsession: Earl Grey.) This time of the year is the perfect time to have a warm, lovely scented candle burning in your home. The 50 hour (approximate) burn time, and the fact these candles are made by a small business in Truro, will make you love these hot sellers even more. See them in the "Foxhound Collection" section of our online store. $18

7. Drawerknobs

People are often surprised that we have beautiful drawerknobs available, but we have stocked these since we opened! Don't let the price of $7 each (regular price, we do have some "sale" ones at $5.25) throw you off - consider just how many times you will use them and how long they will last! See the "Drawerknobs" section of our online shop for all the bling!

8. Floor Mats

Whether cotton or coir doormats, we sell a lot of mats! Dress up your doorway, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom...possibilities are endless. (The coir mats are best at the doorway due to the texture.) This particular one is a coir mat (we do not ship these, but the cotton mats can be found in the "Textiles" department of our online shop).

9. Lights

Battery operated lights are great sellers here, and you can use these anywhere in your home! (Some people like them on their protected deck as well.) See the "Lights" department of our online shop for the ones we have available, including this one which sells for $49.

10. Turkish Towels

Last, and certainly not least, this is another Top Seller. Turkish towels, whether used as beach towels, bath towels, sarongs, table toppers...the possibilities are many. Machine washable/dryable, very absorbent. And the colors...oh my! See them all in the "Textiles" division of our online shop. In towel size (most 30" x 72") and some in a smaller hand towel/table runner size.

Did you see lots of things you like? Tell us which is your favourite! Shop in the store (10am-5pm, Tuesday-Saturday), or online anytime.

Angela's Home Decor is located at 154 Provost Street, New Glasgow, NS. 902-752-2225. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

*all prices given are pre-tax and are the prices at Sep 4/19.

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