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The Last Guide to Prepping Furniture You Will Ever Need!

Before and after! JUTE is the FAT Paint color we used.

Does the word "prepping" make you shudder? Prepping a piece before painting it can seem like the least fun part of the process. True! I know that I would much rather go right ahead with the FAT Paint and get 'er done!


Some prepping is needed. It really is. Take some time and get the piece completely ready, and save yourself some sweatin' and swearin' later. Trust me. You only need to have a bad situation happen once, and you will become a prepper!

The FAT Paint Company has authored a handy little, FREE product card, that we give out to anyone using the paint the first time. It details 5 steps you should follow, to have success with their products. Need one? We have lots of them in the shop and can give you one when you are in, or you can review the process here:

Before going too far, be sure to remove any hardware from your piece (drawerknobs or handles, etc.) Keep all the hardware bits and pieces together (I use a Ziploc bag).

The next step is the "Once Over" Clean. They recommend you give EVERY piece a light scrub with a sanding sponge, then wipe off the dust, dirt or grime with warm water and dish soap, a degreaser, or heavy duty paint cleaner, followed by a clean, plain water wipe down (you don't want any residue of any cleaners left behind - that can cause an adherence problem with the paint products).

We have sanding sponges for sale in the store. It's good to grab one when you are in....have all your tools so you're ready to go, right?

If you have any deep scratches or holes in the piece, you can use wood filler and a putty knife to repair those.

Does your piece have a water mark on it (did someone put a coffee cup, or planter, on that table with NO coaster?!), or maybe some sticky/oily business happening? In this case, we recommend that you use a primer. Block that stain, and prevent it from working its way back up through your lovely painted finish. Zinsser offers a variety of products, and applying a primer/sealer before you paint can save you a lot of tears.

It is possible that your piece, if it is something other than solid, real wood, will need a primer to help the paint adhere. Doing a small test area with the paint will help you see if that is necessary.

Talk to us about your piece, if you have any questions about stains. Let us help you figure out the best sealer for your project.

Once your prep work is done, you are ready to move on to the really fun stuff - the FAT Paint application! Have you seen all of the lovely colors?

Currently, the 6 Amanda Forrest colors are 20% off as they are being discontinued. That makes it a great time to pick up some lovely colors (Blushing Bombshell, Couture Linen, Greysful, Navy State of Mind, Can't See me Camo, Orangeapalooza) and take on some projects!

FAT Paint comes in three sizes - 4 ounce, pint, and quart. (Our pre-tax prices, respectively: $14, $26, $39). A 4 ounce is enough to paint a chair or small bedside table. A pint will refinish most dressers. And the quart (which covers 70-80 sq ft) can take on a group of chairs, or that armoire!

Check out our YouTube video series (Prepping, painting, finishing) for more information. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, too!

We are always happy to help you with your projects, so if you have any prep questions, be sure to ask!

Happy Painting!

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