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TELL US: What do YOU Want?

Number crunching: anyone else enjoy this? Not me, but as a business owner, it is essential.

There are a variety of numbers a business owner needs to know: How much in daily sales, how many walked through the door each day, how much stock do we have, what are the prices on this item and that item..... the list goes on and on.

I was never a fan of math in school and, honestly, that hasn't changed. I do it, but for me, there is no enjoyment in the exercise. (Do you like math? Kudos to you, if you do!!) But as a business owner, I can't avoid it. So I grin and bear it.

What's the point of me talking about numbers, in this blog post? Well, just to let you know we have been looking at things and noticing some interesting changes. And that we want to hear from you, to help us maybe make some changes! So TELL US what you think (you will be on).


We know your time is precious, and we REALLY appreciate the time you do share with us, in your store visits and workshop participation! After all, if you didn't come in, why would we be here?

Currently, we are open 10am - 5pm, Tuesday through Saturday. (So, closed Sundays and Mondays.) We realize a lot of you work and maybe Saturday is the only day you can make it in (it is our busiest day) and that's cool. But we are wondering if we can offer you more.

TELL US: Would a change in our hours help you at all? (Of course we can't change our hours to meet everyone's individual needs, but as they say.... majority rules.) If we see a lot of requests for a particular change, we will certainly consider it!


Going through catalogues and sourcing products is FUN! It's like Christmas shopping all year!

Having said that, it's a total guess exercise. What will they want? What color should we get? How many of those do you think we would sell? Is the pricing on that product too high?

TELL US: What types of products would you LOVE to see in the store, what would make you happy to buy for yourself, or a friend? More of this, but less of these?


Launching our website in January was a major win for us. It took a while to get done, but we feel it was really worth the wait. And we hope you are enjoying it! (

TELL US: is your preference to shop IN THE STORE, or ONLINE? We love when you visit us at the shop, of course, but we realize that people are busy, or not in the area, so the option of the online shopping seems to fit well.

Pickup of your online purchases is one of the options available at the checkout (ie: NO shipping charge). Or maybe you don't live in our area, so shipping options are available for you.

How do you TELL US? Email response is best, that way your opinions are kept between us:

And if you read all the way through AND if you email us your suggestions for ALL 3 QUESTIONS, we want to THANK YOU! A little gift will be emailed back to you, for use online or in the shop. :) ***This is open until April 6, 2019 only***



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