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Stuff Most People Don't Know About Me

Me :)

So, HI! Some of you have met me in the store (some of you, MANY times). Others I have only met once, or maybe you have never been in. I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself and tell you a bit more about me. Some of it might be interesting, some of it not so much, but it's all true stuff.

- I was born in Amherst in 1970. It was a good year, and growing up in the 70's and 80's was awesome.

- We moved a few times (Amherst, Port Hawkesbury, back to Amherst, then to Kentville in 1982) 'cause of my dad's job.

- Our family is small; I have one sister.

- I grew up with no animals (except a fish that I managed to keep alive for about two weeks).

- I never learned to swim, despite the fact we spent a lot of time in the summers at my grandparents' cottage (Mason's Beach in Tidnish).

- I was a skinny, not-so-pretty teenager, and the first day of grade 7 (I was 12), another student asked if I was a girl or a boy. For real.

- I was a 'band geek' (grades 7-12; clarinet and saxophone), and was started in piano lessons at age 4 (I could rock that keyboard!)

- I didn't get my driver's license until age 19. True!

- Before opening the store, I worked for 13 years as an insurance claims adjuster, and for 12 years before that as a personal injury paralegal, and at an insurance agency.

- At age 35, I started running. I loved it and ran a lot.

- Chocolate is my weakness and I eat eggs...every. single. day.

Me, circa 2010

Thanks for letting me share a bit about me. Tell us a tidbit (or two) about yourself, if you want, in the comment section.

"I am me, nothing more, nothing less, and that is enough." Harpreet M. Dayal

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