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I Can't Believe We're This Old!

It seems like only yesterday, that we were setting up the store and planning for day 1. And now here we are, just about to celebrate the completion of YEAR 3! Where has the time gone?

Let's do a flashback first, to look at some pics from the early days. Prepping the store (we did this ourselves - wall painting, new flooring, etc) and setting up displays took most of our time in February 2016.

The day we got the key for the store, the first week of February 2016.

Work started in early February 2016

When we first opened, and until November 2017, we had a business partner who brought truckloads of antiques. When that changed, my better-half made new shelving units and new stock was brought in to fill the shelves. A busy few days to get everything in place, and we reopened after the long weekend in November 2017, with our fresh look.

Same store - fresh, new look!

When I think back to three years ago, I remember the excitement (and fear!) Stepping away from a full-time job (read: steady paycheque) was a BIG deal, and having never owned my own business before, caused some sleepless nights. How would it go? Would we be successful? Would people love the store? Would we make it to the one year anniversary?

We are certainly aware that we would never have made it through 3 years, without having awesome customers LIKE YOU. So, THANK YOU (times a million!) for being supportive of a new business, the change in 2017, and every new step we take.

Angela's Home Décor is here to serve YOU, and to give you a place to go for inspiration. Celebrating the completion of year 3 is a big deal for us, and we want to THANK YOU. Plan to join us this Saturday (March 2), 10am-5pm, for our 3rd Anniversary party. A great sale, yummy cake, terrific prizes, and our chance to personally say a huge THANKS to each of you.

Plans for year 4 are underway, and we look forward to meeting even more of you, and having another great year!

Celebrate with us on Saturday March 2nd!



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